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Sucker for designer scents – DJ Slick Stuart

DJ Slick Stuart

MY STYLE. Known from the duo DJ Slick Stuart and Roja, Stuart Kavuma is among the celebrities that dress well on Uganda’s entertainment scene. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE asks DJ Slick Stuart about his fashion sense.

What fashion style defines you?
I’m simple and elegant. Casual smart but dressed to kill in a simpler way.

When did you start dressing like this?
I have always wanted to look simple and smart.

When do you do shopping?
I love shopping often. On any good day to say. I update my wardrobe anytime and I’m more of an online store shopper.

Where exactly do you shop from?
Aso and Boohoo in the UK, Fashionova in the US and anything I come across around Uganda not to be specific.

How much do you spend on shopping?
I spend relatively enough on my wardrobe. Shoes and perfumes are costly.

DJ Slick Stuart

What is enough?
Enough is the word. Enough sums of money.

You said shoes and perfumes are costly, how much is your most expensive pair of shoes?
My Yeezy Primeknit boast 350 V2 cost about $300 (approx. Shs1.1m). I love them. I own a pair of chuck Taylors All Stars.

And perfume?
I wear about three brands of cologne. Unforgiven by Sean John, Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and Bvlgari Man in Black.

Why those three?
Because they have what I consider a nice and rare scent.

The most outrageous fashion is…?
The big Balenciaga new Season of shoes and tight pants for men. I will not embrace this trend.

Baggy or tight clothes?
Fitting is okay. Like I said, not that too much skintights. I find very tight skin pants uncomfortable and unsexy for straight men like me.

Slick Stuart and Roja.

How do you keep in shape?
I go to the gym.

What exactly do you do in the gym?
Body shaping abs, to keep fit and a little bit of body building.

How much do you spend in the gym?
I go to relatively affordable and well equipped gyms that range from Shs20,000 to Shs50,000 per day work out.

What about salon?
I love to keep fresh and trendy. I do salon about twice a week or thrice depending on my schedule.

What do you do while there?
To trim my hair and beard.

What are your eating habits?
I’m a slow eater and not a person who eats a lot. I love to eat on time however, few times I actually eat on time.

Favourite colour
Black and white monochrome outfits. They are my wardrobe essential and blend well.

The local tropical foods are my thing. These include groundnuts matooke, fresh peas, beans, and fresh fish.

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