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My love for shoes might ruin my plan of building a house – Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda.

What style describes you?
I’m versatile in fashion. I look good in suits, casual clothes, as well as superstar looks such as bling, and sunglasses.

Of what you have mentioned, what is your most comfortable style?
Casual: shorts, T-shirts and sandals on a daily because I like my freedom but my job does not allow me to pull that off. So, I opt for jeans and a T-shirt.

Do you prefer your clothes baggy or fitting?
Fitting, of course, because I’m not tall and I would look weird in baggy clothes.

What is your wardrobe must-have?
Black pieces cannot miss. Either jeans, shirts, a suit or shoes.

Does that mean black is your favourite colour?
Yes, because it is easy to match with anything. I dislike stressing myself over pairing clothes.

How often do you go shopping?
Once or twice a month. Since I have a concert coming up, I had to surpass for the sake of many interviews and the many people I have to meet.

Ykee Benda at the press conference. PHOTOS BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

What do you look out for while shopping?
I’m obsessed with shoes. In fact, they might ruin my plan of building a house.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
I’m not quite sure, but they are more than 30 pairs.

What kind of shoes?
All ranging from formal to casual such as sneakers, air forces, All Stars, Jordans.

How much do you spend on shopping?
At least Shs5m.

That is quite a lot of money. Where do you shop from?
Mostly from Abryanz, also I send for clothes and other items from Turkey and I shop online, occasionally.

What perfume do you use and how much is it?
I use Armani and I buy it at Shs1.2m. It is rare and smells fresh and nice.

Is it on the Ugandan market?
It might be available in Uganda, but I buy mine from the UK because I trust them.

What is the most expensive item you own?
A maroon suit which I bought at Shs2.8m.

And the cheapest?
Designer boxer briefs which cost me Shs50,000.

Which kind of boxers are they?
They are usually a three-piece set in a box.

Fashion trends: what do you consider outrageous?
Two trends. The overly ripped jeans are extreme because they expose much skin. I think it is trying too hard. Then, women’s blouses which some men wear.

Do you dress for an occasion or to impress yourself?
It depends on the occasion. I cannot attend a wedding in a T-shirt and I cannot go clubbing in a suit, unless I’m from attending a corporate function.

Do you do any fitness workout?
Yes, I go to the gym and I do some squats to tone my stomach, chest and arms.

How often and how much do you pay?
I go twice a month for two hours and they charge Shs45,000.

And salon?
I go to Sparkles Salon once a week to trim my beard and make it neat.

How much do you spend there?
For a haircut, I spend Shs30,000 and on my beard, it is Shs15,000.

Describe your eating habits?
I eat a lot and I like junk food such as chips, and burgers. Recently, I had to switch to healthy foods because of my concert. I only have lunch.

What do you eat for the rest of the day?
I eat fruits in the morning with salt bread, then lunch at 2pm and then fruits at night. But I drink a lot of water, about four litres a day.

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