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‘Stop the pretence’, Pallaso stings Mowzey Radio fans

Weasel, Pallaso and the late Mowzey Radio. COURTESY PHOTO

Singer Pallaso has called out fans of Mowzey radio who make it a point to cry or post him on social media ever since he died.

Pallaso says that such people are hypocrites who could not show Radio the kind of love and support he deserved when he was still alive. Pallaso was speaking at a mini memorial party held for Radio.

“Stop pouring love onto dead people. Show people love when they are still alive. I don’t want to see any one crying here yet he or she didn’t cry when he was still alive. Start loving people who are still living,” Pallaso said mid-way through his performance at the party.

Ever since his death, praises of Mowzey Radio have become a constant on social media and his songs have enjoyed massive airplay on both radio stations and televisions channels. Old videos of him shared by his Good Lyfe camp have also gone viral on social media as though many people were seeing him for the first time.

Pallaso has, however, said that this kind pretense should be stopped.
“Stop this pretense and under looking people. If someone does something that impresses you, show your appreciation instead of waiting for them to die,” he sternly said.

Last year Radio’s former singing partner Weasel attacked social media followers saying they now act like Radio was Uganda’s greatest gift but they used to abuse him when he was still alive.

Watch Pallaso’s video here:

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