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Mowzey Radio stone preserved in Kasese, artists compose tribute song

They say, “You can only have history by preserving what you have today”. This is exactly what the Kasese local artistes did to have their own history of the late Mowzey Radio.

When Radio passed on in February last year, artistes in Kasese, led by Producer Seyo Salambongo composed a tribute song titled Wuhumule Buholo (rest in peace).

And it looks like that was not enough, as last week the artistes went back to River Nyamwamba and marked the stone on which the departed singer sat the last time he visited the area.

It is that stone on which Radio sat in January 2017 during a tour of the Kiwa Heritage which operates a hot spring and a riverside beach in Kasese town.

The stone features in Radio’s Tambula Nange song and it has now been persevered for tourism purposes.

One of the directors of Kiwa Heritage, Sylvester Kule Walyuba, told Sqoop: “We carried the stone from the riverside where it could be displaced by floods and kept it in a corner in memory of that great music icon.”

Salambongo said paying tribute to Radio will be an annual thing because he inspired many.

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