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Irene Ntale says she is single and available for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day s finally on us, and for those who are in love, it is going to be a lovey dovey day with flowers, chocolates, wines, lots of gifts.

But what do you do on this day when you are single? Pick a leaf from Irene Ntale.

The singer took to twitter this morning to find a date.

“Am single just for the day so guys shoot your shot,” She tweeted.

A screenshot of Irene Ntale’s tweet

And of course her hungry followers were waiting with open arms.

A one @EddiePages said, “I have been waiting for this opportunity @Irenentale I have your Valentine’s gift A free photoshoot and I need a hug from you That’s not so much to ask.”

But then some were savage, as expected



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