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The musical kids to watch out for this year

Hit Nature

FRESH SOUNDS: Now that we have closed the 2018 hodulopu (in Bad Black speak) and getting into the 2019 sitting luumu, there are some great young acts (musically) that will be a must watch. To be exact, 2019 will see them soar even higher. Ian Ortega lists them, in no particular order.

John Blaq
For a man who is yet to hit his half-20s, Blaq, real name John Kasadha, will be ruling the airwaves in 2019 without doubt. He has mastered those beats that get one grooving. John Blaq has started off his 2019 with Obubadi, a song that has already garnered impressive reception. When he did Sweet Love with Vinka, we thought he had stretched himself. Limits they say are there to be hit and surpassed, he has given us Tukwatagane, an addictive tune not just in the lyrics, but also the beats. And in Romantic, he once again proved that he did not come to cheer, he came to make a statement in the industry.

Twazikoze Zaweze became the spenders’ anthem in 2018. However, one cannot yet fully trust them to take over 2019. Although they are worth watching out for, one should not get too optimistic, the die could turn on either face. They have a new song titled Muliwa as a follow-up to Zaweze but it is still your average song, nothing special other than following up in the shadows of the former. Nonetheless, it is a duo one can keep an eye on, for who knows, the wonders of this musical world!

Jamie Culture

Jamie Culture

There is no doubt Jamie Culture, real name Jamie Kasujja, is a great songwriter. He has written songs such as Sumbusa by Eddy Kenzo and Okuzaala Kujagaana for Irene Namatovu. He also juggles as a music producer. He finds himself in the Nince Henry paradox. To be a singer or to focus on the writing? Does he want to be a great singer or it is something he is doing just on the side? For what else should stop a man with a vocally powerful song such as Ssabasaliza from filling the gap that was left by Jamal? He is worth mentioning here, but one cannot raise their hopes too high!

Daddy Andre
Andrew Ojambo is one man who knows how to combine his diverse skills of a producer and a singer. If you enjoyed You and Me featuring Lydia Jazmine or Now with Spice Diana, then without a doubt, Daddy Andre has the ability to evolve into a Don Jazzy of sorts. He has the ability to give that touch of excellence to each of his projects, whether it is the production, the song-writing or the singing.

Nina Rose

Nina Roz
Not that she is a complete new kid on the block, but because 2019 is the year Nina Kankunda, aka Nina Roz, will rubberstamp her presence. She will be a full force of her own, with a well-defined fan-base. There is something distinct about Nina Roz. She has that natural diva-ish, star-look (thanks partly to her height and modelling background). When she gets into a place, one immediately recognises that something is different, that a tigress is here to take control. In 2017, she broke out with Omuliro but many still had doubts about her resilience. In 2018, she did not just do great music, she complemented with heavy investment in her videos. When it comes to musical branding, Nina Roz is the goddess of it. If you think her songs Olumya Bano and Anayinama were awesome, she is likely to do far better in 2019. Bet against this girl from Kibuli at your own risk. Her only weakness is collabos, she does not turn them off well. She shines as a solitary soldier.

Chosen Becky

Chosen Becky
There is a comfortable space Rema had enjoyed, and in 2019, she will fight for that space with Chosen Becky. 2018 was a year for female artistes in Uganda. Female artistes ruled the airwaves and Chosen Becky’s Bankuza was one of the songs that had massive play. Not just on the radios but at formal functions. It became another of those timeless songs that grace wedding functions. Becky’s strengths include her voice and lyrics. Whatever she lacks in other aspects, she compensates with a tender voice with full emotional release. To appreciate her lyrical sturdiness, listen to her Aliba Ani or Byabangi songs and all your arguments will fall flat.

Banina Empire

Banina Empire
The Baninas with the adorable looks that captivate female fans almost face the same fate as HitNature. To-date these twins, Chris and Joe Banina, can only comfortably pride in Win Anything as their biggest contribution to 2018. Their follow-up song; Body Language, despite great PR, did not live up to the hype. Could they play harder in 2019 or they will further sink into oblivion? Too hard to tell, awesome music videos, not the hottest of songs. Another 50/50 chance.

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