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Prophet Mbonye gives President Museveni ‘last warning’

A photo montage of Prophet Elvis Mbonye and President Museveni.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries has given what he termed as a ‘last warning’ to President Museveni.
Mbonye, while speaking to his followers at KCCA Grounds yesterday, called out the president for saying that churches are exploiting their believers. He was responding to claims by President Museveni that churches are exploiting believers and fraudulently taking their money.

He said that his followers are not exploited because they come by their will and many even braved the heavy Tuesday rain to listen to his prophecies.
“My last message shall be a prophecy and that prophecy may not be predictable by now. Mr President have you seen people that are bring exploited gathered in rain by the thousands? How can people gather in rain by the thousands and you hear a lie that you are being exploited? What manner of rubbish is that?” he questioned.

He also addressed recent reports that government is going to enroll all religious leaders through theology courses before they are allowed on the pulpit.
“If the state has plans to subject every belief to the Anglican setting and the catholic setting, whether we will listen to you or to God, you be the judge….If the state is going to determine who is a false prophet and who is not, who is going to heaven and who is going to hell,” he shouted, as his followers cheered on shouting ‘Papa akaaye’ (loosely translated to mean ‘our father is bitter’).

Meanwhile social media users have questioned what exact warning or message he was trying to send to Museveni because his statements didn’t make much sense to them.

Although Some media reports have even indicated that the slay prophet warned the president against fraternizing with the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda saying that it will be the end of him. However in the clip making rounds on social media, the pray does not mention any of that.

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