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Is Chameleone stunting again in Graduation gown?

Jose Chameleone poses in a graduation gown

Photos of Singer Jose Chameleone in a Graduation gown were shared on social media earlier today. The singer who has been silent about this didn’t post the photo but rather people who hang and work for him posted the photos of him at Kyambogo University and another one at Nanjing Hotel.

The photos showed that he was among the people who graduated today at Kyambogo University. When we tried to reach out to the singer, his phones were off but the people who were with him said that the singer had graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

“I didn’t know Chameleone was studying but I have been told he has been attending classes together with his wife Daniella Atim and they were supposed to graduate together today but Daniella travelled” Our source said.

Many think it is one of the stunts Chameleone has always come out to pull but we are yet to confirm if the singer really graduated.

Just like Chameleone, Bobi Wine also came out a few years ago and said that he was studying Law at the International University of East Africa in Kansanga but after a few months, it turned out that he was trying to promote the University and he was not a student of the University.

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