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Omukebete tells schools to teach toilet discipline

A radio presenter, comical writer and comedian, David Katende popularly known by his stage name as Omukebete has advised teachers in primary schools to put emphasis on teaching toilet discipline, values and principles that should be followed in the “honorable room” to pupils.

“I know lessons about toilet usage shall improve hygiene and sanitation in schools and of course, set standards to prevent diseases like cholera, dysentery, to mention,” he said.

He added: “Teach our children to visit toilets when they have put on shoes, advise them to use toilet papers or water and wash their hands with soap. Let toilets be given care by cleaning them because it is an honorable place.”

He made the remarks at Kigezi Church of Uganda Primary School in Maddu Sub-County in Gomba.

Asked why he pins his comedy on a government programme, Universal Education Programme (UPE), Omukebete said that he wants to promote and motivate pupils in UPE schools.

“I want the UPE pupils to know that they can hold positions in every sector. They should not mind about being under looked by some people and let them forget those cliques who want to put them down,” he said.

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