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Off to South Sudan: Jose Chameleone breaks rules ahead of Saba Saba concert

Jose Chameleone

Usually, singers don’t perform at gigs when they have a show coming up. This is because they use the last days before the show to do rehearsals and prepare for their D-day.

Most times if they go on stage at other shows it is for the sake of announcing their concerts to the revelers.
Singer Jose Chameleone has however broken the rules as he will be in South Sudan this weekend after being booked by a South Sudanese event promoters called Kay Two.

The Singer, who has been preparing for his December 7 Saba Saba concert, will first perform at Juba Basket Ball Court on November 29 and another show on November 30 at Miss Achali Awil at Freedom Mall in Juba.

Kay Two, who is the brains behind K2 Promotions and Events Company Limited Promotions and Events, is said to have paid Chameleone handsomely that he could not down the offer.

Chameleone will perform alongside South Sudanese singers like Single Dee, King Shabbi, Young Bullet, Doctor Lipson, Coozos Clan, Rhapsody & Mb Law, Rocky J, Hardlife Avenue crew, Tutu Baibe and MT7 among others.

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