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Maurice Kirya to turn his concert into a festival

Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya’s show last weekend must have been so successful that he even got ideas on transforming the Kirya Live concept.

Many may not have noticed but in the middle of his performance, the Mwoyo singer said starting next year, instead of a concert, he will have a festival. “It is something I have always wanted to do,” Kirya said.

This got us a little confused about how this will work, but knowing the Headmaster singer for loving to try out new things, we will just keep our eyes open.

Last year, Maurice Kirya’s concert at Serena Hotel was poorly attended but he still put up a big performance. However, last Friday, he courageously held his concert in the same venue but decided to barricade off some sections in the auditorium with perhaps fear that his fans might again disappoint him like they did last year.

But, he was in for a big surprise as revelers flocked in the auditorium and by 9pm, some had no decided to sit in the barricaded area. This forced the management to remove some of the barricades.

On stage, the self-proclaimed Mwoyo artiste wasted no time to perform.

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