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Bryan White Visits Daily Monitor, Boda Bodas besiege the office, but receive nothing

Boda Boda cyclists surround Daily Monitor offices as Bryan White makes his way out. PHOTOS BY GODFREY LUGAAJJU

A few hours ago at Daily Monitor Head office in Namuwongo, business came to a standstill when ‘moneybags’ Bryan White visited the premises.

White was not there to distribute money though. He was headed for interviews at Ddembe and KFM studios.

Being a Friday, there was no pressure in the newsroom, but rather a more relaxed environment. Considering many had never seen him in person, he was intercepted at the first floor before he could proceed to the last floor, where the studios are located.

He spent an hour at Dembe Fm with Biina baby before proceeding to KFM with Freddie.

Brian White in Ddembe FM studio with Bina Baibe

Meanwhile outside the building, boda boda cyclists had sealed off the road. They waited for him to come out, perhaps to inspire them or give them some money; something he is popularly known for.

The numbers kept growing as everyone who heard that he was around abandoned their trip and packed but they were in for a surprise, as his cars that included a Range Rover and Tundra among others were driven off without the Bryan White saying a word to them.

Their only option was to follow him to wherever he went.

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