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Four One One

#HASHTAGS: Question Number 1; Do You Feel The Examination Fever?

Away from the politics, power and polemics, we head over to campus where a real tough time is cooking. Examinations have always been a benchmark to grade the quality of students, hence the infamous examination fever. Through them, the powers that be can determine many things. For example, who grasps stuff from class versus who needs to read much and who has been attending class viz who has been to the bar even if they aren’t lawyers. It is only fair that all university generations, past present and future took to the streets to bring us #ExaminationWars.

The key to passing an examination is preparation. Reading, discussing and research. However there is a challenge always coming in that sometimes, the brightest guy is not necessarily the most appealing. That means that given the standards we set, they may not be the folk in our circles, but exams have different ideas. After all, necessity knows no law

Sometimes though, the wisdom of the lecturer is always steps way ahead of your preparation


On other occasions, too much preparation can be a problem on its own

Once you enter the examination room however, you are engaged on a real battle front. You must have tactics and sometimes even play dirty if you are to succeed. No doubt that at the university friends are important, and that some people are caught unprepared for the exams. The saying of a friend in need comes in handy here, and in such times, the importance of a plan cannot be underrated.

Though sometimes, even the best plan can get disrupted by a smarter move from the invigilators. We already talked of the skill of these guys.


That’s right. The army out to combat the examination war is disbanded, and then you know things are about to sour if your are part of the unprepared.


That is about the time you realise there is a very important character missing in the room


Then you panic. You sweat plasma looking blankly for where to start. Finally you find the start point, but then again, this is war!


Then you become desperate, and start looking around. Suddenly, a voice comes from somewhere, like the same voice that called out to Moses on Mount Sinai at the burning bush event.


Examination time is always a drop dead cracker, and we have always learnt to find ways of success. Sometimes, the dirty ways work, and then the end gets to justify the means


Or maybe, you jut walk out as the person that saved an entire year from a retake


The safest bet though is to attend the classes, and to read. You need to pass and pass clean. If not, you may have to take high level risks to success, and if they don’t work well for you, you just might die on the examination warfront.

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