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Why Flavia, Kabuura pushed wedding date

Wedding? When was the Introduction ceremony, you ask? Well, do not beat yourself up for having missed out on the news of this one because the traditional marriage between Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura was lowkey. The ceremony was so lowkey that even some close friends to the couple were not invited (prolly those with big mouths). Anywho, just to bring you up to speed, Flavia officially introduced Kabuura to her parents on August 18 in Mbarara.

And although the NTV power couple had set their wedding for January 2019, it seems that this may not go as planned. Why? We hear mbu Flavia moving in with bae may not have been a smart move if they were to stick to plan. Now, Flavia is pregnant! And like many girls, she does not want any changes in shape messing with her perfect gown.
Kati, although we love weddings, the idea of the result of these two genes and then a Kabuuralet…meeeehn! #BabyExcitement #Congratsguys

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