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African leaders under fire for not taking notes in meeting with Chinese

A professional on Linked has bashed African leaders for looking on, while their Chinese counterparts are taking notes in the on going Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summit in Beijing.

In a post on his LinkedIn account, Mbuga Mayambala, a broadcaster at Radio Lead Africa Media said, “while the Chinese are taking notes, not one person on the African delegation has pen and paper. Our problems with the deals we make as African nation start there.”

The summit, which started on Sunday, ends today.

A tweep, @LauraMiti tweeted the same post.

Repying to @LauraMiti’s tweet, @VongaiChikandwa said, “Maybe the delegation should not have been this big if one or two people are taking notes. It’s clear the rest have no clue of what is happening and clearly have nothing to offer. They have simply accompanied the Pres. Waste of tax payers money.”

“The majority have the body language of people at boring soccer match. Half of those could have stayed at home and saved us a bomb,” @LauraMiti replied.

Kalaluka Kapungu? said, “on point. They have bottled water, tea and probably the most comfortable seats in the room. Everything else is secondary……to them.”

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