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VIDEO: Azizi Magically left in tears as sugar mummy Mona-Lisa goes back to Sweden

Azizi Magically and Mona-Lisa Larsson. COURTESY PHOTO

Nineteen-year-old singer Azizi Magically must have spent the last two nights tossing and turning as his fiancée Mona-Lisa Larsson, 85, left him and travelled back to her home country, Sweden.

The 86-year-old Mona-Lisa had been dodging and postponing her departure as she enjoyed life with her toy boy.

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However, Mona-Lisa could not postpone forever and had to travel back home on Monday night. The couple shared a video of their drive to the airport on social media.

“I am happy to go back home,” Mona-Lisa says in the video.

The couple was very lovey-dovey in the car as King Saha’s Biri Biri blazed through the car speakers.

They exchanged kisses and hugs at the airport and Azizi was seen wiping away tears.

Mona-Lisa was supposed to travel back to Sweden two weeks ago with the help of traditional healer Mama Fiina but plans changed when the former refused to fulfil Mama Fiina’s conditions.

The Swedish national then went on a spending spree (spending Mama Fiina’s money) with Azizi, who later even proposed to her. The couple soon after shared pictures of their engagement on social media.

Their engagement now hangs in balance since Mona-Lisa’s departure. Azizi had hoped that she would take him to Sweden but it looks like that did not work out either. Sigh! Love!

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