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VIDEO: Azizi and sugar mummy Mona-Lisa living large after swindling Mama Fiina’s money

Aziz Magically and Mona-Lisa Larsson. COURTESY PHOTO

Love them or hate them, 19-year-old struggling singer Azizi Magically and his sugar mummy Mona-Lisa Larsson, 85, have found ways of staying relevant in Ugandan gossip circles since the end of last month.

From announcing wedding dates, getting kicked out of hostels, being admitted in Mulago hospital, this odd Bonnie and Clyde couple seems to be living the life.

Last week renown herbalist Mama Fiina reached out to help the couple after they were stranded in Mulago Hospital with no money to buy food or even pay hospital bills.
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Mama Fiina gave them Shs2 million and 700 dollars to buy an air ticket for Mona-Lisa.

In Mama Fiina’s view, it was better for the Swedish national to return to her country and let Azizi get his life back on track in Uganda.

However, the two have not followed Mama Fiina’s instructions despite taking her money.

Azizi says that they used the Shs2 million to clear the many debts they had.

Mona-Lisa is still in the country living it up with her young lover and basing on the number of Facebook live videos the couple has done in the past three days, it is safe to say, they have thrown caution to the wind and rekindled their romance.

Yesterday Azizi (real name Aziz Mawanda) posted a picture depicting him down on one knee and proposing to Mona-Lisa with the caption, “She said YES”.

We are, however, confused why he is proposing when they had been saying that they are to wed at Speke Resort Munyonyo on July 25.

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