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Duped! Photos that turned out to be video shoots

We have been taken on numerous rides, and some fans may have had their hearts broken or shed tears from some of these prank photos. David Stanley Mukooza and Lawrence Ogwal write.

When photos of singer Qute Kaye holding a headlamp went around on social media, many people were quick to conclude that the photograph was a grab from a video shoot.

On the apparent set, Qute Kaye was only playing thief of a headlamp and the song he was shooting for was called ‘Indicator’. Of course the natural reaction was joy that the once smooth-voiced singer was finally making a comeback.

The joy, however, did not last for the hopeful lot because this was not any kinaUganda of sorts or video shoot. It was real life. Qute Kaye, real name Brian Ivan Kaye, had been nabbed stealing a headlamp.

Kaye was not the first artiste to get people confused. In 2015, news and photos of hip hop artiste Jocelyn Keko running mad and getting checked into a rehabilitation Centre in Nairobi leaked. It was no stunt or video shoot, a thing she confirmed when she got out.

Many times artistes have been involved in incidents and because most times they turn out untrue, it has left many receiving information with skepticism.

A picture will be released but many will doubt the authenticity of it because afterall, it may turn out just a scene from a video shoot.

We bring you scenarios that had people talking and others even shedding tears and writing hurried blogs but later turned out to be scenes from video shoots.

Cindy in Bella movie

Last year, singer Cinderella Sanyu, known to many as Cindy made her debut acting role in the movie Bella. In the movie, Cindy who was the lead actress, plays a girl raised on the streets but with a beautiful voice. Part of the movie was set and shot in Industrial Area and Namuwongo slums.

Prior to the movie’s premiere, photos of Cindy roaming on the streets somewhere in the city centre dressed in old dirty clothes leaked and went viral on social media.

Suddenly everyone was sharing and claiming the self-confessed dancehall king had gone bananas. Cindy was mad and she was not in position to speak to the press! It was only later that we learnt that the photos were scenes from the movie, which premiered at the Kampala Serena Hotel months later.


Singer Cinderella Sanyu, known to many as Cindy made her debut acting role in the movie Bella

Weasel on Mowzey’s grave

Three months ago, Weasel lost the most significant part of his musical career – his partner Radio. Everyone’s concern on Radio’s passing was how Weasel would hold up.

It was indeed quite some time of mourning for Weasel, real name Douglas Mayanja, because a few weeks later pictures leaked of Weasel in a likely depression.

In one of the photos, Weasel was seen seated next to an empty chair with Radio’s photo, while the other photo was of Weasel at Radio’s grave. Sad!

The pictures were quite touching and showed a deeply depressed Weasel coming to terms with his partner’s death. The other part of the rumour was that Weasel visited Radio’s grave with flowers almost every day.

It was later that we learnt that the photos were from a video shoot of Weasel’s tribute song to Mowzey Radio. A few days later, the video for Tokyayitaba was out.


Ziza Bafana – Nazaala

Ziza Bafana is married and it was last year that his fiancée introduced him to her parents, so imagine the shock when pictures of him suited up and humbling himself before gomesi-clad Halima Namakula, Annet Nandujja and Joanita Kawalya went around on social media.

The story? Bafana, real name Richard Kasendwa, was marrying a second woman and it was none other than Rachel Kiwanuka aka Rachel K, Halima Namakula’s daughter.

It had been a while since the artiste had released a song, so returning in the news like this caught many off guard.

Many were quick to say Bafana might have secretly been dating Rachel while she lived in the US and it would explain why she returned to Uganda.

The artiste on the other side was screaming, bazinga! The pictures were from the video shoot of his song Nazaala.


Dr Hilderman Abita Ebikutte

Singer Hillary Kiyaga alias Dr Hilderman is one of the people that benefitted most from video shoot photo leaks. This is because at the time, social media was not a big thing so when word went around, there was not much proof to verify the rumour.

The singer had been pictured preaching on the street at Kitgum House on Jinja Road and at the time, street preaching was a big deal.

To many of his fans, it was a huge loss, because how in God’s name would such a young reputable artiste, a known staunch Catholic at that, end up on the street?

The artiste let the talkers talk for a bit and it was after the video of his song Abita Ebikutte was released that it became clear.

The song became a darling to not only the gospel crowd but everyone and the curiosity about the video pushed it further.

David Lutalo bloody face

Sometime early this year, a photo of singer David Lutalo’s with a bloody face leaked on social media at around midnight. The caption: “Hi guys, let’s pray for David Lutalo, he was hit by thugs on his way home and is now admitted in hospital”.

The tension that followed! We fell for it and tried to call the singer to ask if he was doing okay, but wapi – phone went unanswered. The photo was too soon, similar to Danz Kumapeesa’s beating and barely months before we had recovered from Radio’s death.

This, however, did not last because it was not long before one of Lutalo’s people came out and confessed that the picture was one of the scenes from a video shoot. The ‘blood’ on Lutalo’s face was ketchup. We are yet to see the video for the song.

Winnie Nwagi introduction

Doesn’t everyone enjoy a mysterious love story? Well, two years ago, Singer Winnie Nwagi almost served us one, but she did find some people awake.

Remember those photos of Nwagi all dressed in a gomesi, glowing and facebeat in the company of her mates Vinka, Irene Ntale and Julius Kyazze?

Oh how fans were excited and wondering how she managed to hide her Nigerian boo for so long! Bloggers and gossip sites were quick to pick it up and write that Winnie Nwagi had had a secret introduction/traditional marriage and that photos were leaked by one unloyal invited guest.

The endowed singer had disappointed many suitors and broken hopeful hearts because they had not seen it coming. Nwagi and her Swangz people all kept their lips sealed until the video of her song Kano Koze came out and suddenly the scenes were familiar. The sighs from the men and then the mscheeews from others!



Renah Nalumansi and Justine B Wedding

For a long time, rumour had gone around that Singer Rena Nalumansi and NBS TV presenter Justine Bas were an item, despite the latter denying it, saying he was only her manager and there was nothing going on between them.

So you can imagine how good they got us when two years ago pictures of them went around on social media, complete in bride and groom outfits.

The rumour had been put to bed and these two were finally eating their words after a ‘secret wedding’. The fans were happy and tabloids were rejoicing at all the scoops.

The excitement did not last though, probably because the two were tired of receiving congrats messages and picking up anonymous calls.

They came out and said there was no knot tied and that Renah had only decided to use her manager in the video of her song Kasooto. And when the video later started making rounds, the exact photos were in there.


Irene Namubiru – Rooftop suicide
In July 2016, word went around that Singer Irene Namubiru had attempted suicide.

The story was that she was depressed following a break up with the father of her children.

These claims were accompanied by a photo that showed Namubiru on the rooftop of a building trying to throw herself down and below were people who seemed to try and bargain with her not to jump.

Fans were sad and the sadness must have gotten to Namubiru because even before the video was released, she came out and cleared the air.

She came clean, saying she was not trying to commit suicide and the photo was just a photo from the Nakukolaki video shoot. Indeed when the video was released, the photo scenes were in the video.

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