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Jackie Chandiru leaves rehab

Many of you might know that Jackie Chandiru has been off the scene for a while after relapsing from her rehab treatment almost two years ago.

Good news for all her fans now as we can confirm that the musician left rehab a few days ago and is back to her family. However, to avoid the same circumstances that got her in and out of rehab, our reliable source told us that the musician who recovered some time back, was told to quit music by her family members as the only condition.

The former Blu *3 member had to agree and now she is under strict supervision at her sister’s home. We had earlier heard that Chandiru’s husband intervened in her situation and that he is planning to fly her out of the country where he will set up a business for her.

The Golddigger singer has been battling drug addiction for more than five years and after leaving rehab the first time, she joined the Goodlyfe Crew with hope that they would revive her career but she instead relapsed. We are happy for you Jackie, and we hope you keep strong!

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