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Qute Kaye gets free studio time, manager



It is Not every day that a thief gets nabbed by Police and the public pleads for his immediate release. The Police were put in a Pontius Pilate position last week when they arrested singer Qute Kaye for stealing a headlight.

And among the people that begged for his release were Capt Mike Mukula, who promised to rent for him a house of his choice for six months with the hope that he will get back on his feet.

To show that there is a ray of hope and also probably to justify to police that Kaye is a good man, others in the industry have chipped in.

Producer Paddyman offered the Ginkese musician free studio time to record an entire album while Geoffrey Kayemba, who is Rema Namakula and Chris Evan’s manager, has assumed the managerial role.

“I am his acting manager but I have not yet signed him. We have to first talk and set conditions before I can sign him,” Kayemba said a few days ago.

The producer added that ever since the incident, they are planning on releasing three songs, which is part of the plan to get Kaye back on the road. Well done guys and Kaye, please be a good boy.

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