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Ykee Benda not about to stop

Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda

Consistence in the music industry is the hardest thing as we have seen careers of some musicians come to an end because of it. Consistence requires financial investment and that’s the part that musicians lack to be on top. It’s only a few who have really tried. These include Bebe Cool, Sheeba and Kenzo, Ykee Benda shortly follows.

The kireka boy should be given some credit because he has only been in the industry for a short time but his steady progress is something that cannot be ignored.

In the less than four years in the music industry, Ykee Benda has released hits and shot expensive and quality videos which is a one way ticket to receiving airplay on international channels like Trace and MTV.

This has forced him to work even harder by recording songs with artistes from other countries, the latest being Sierra Leone’s Manu who is one of the biggest from the West African country.

The two have recorded a song titled ‘Love poison’ and it’s a remix from a song originally done by Manzu.

The combination will see each artiste penetrate in the other’s country but Benda is surely going to benefit more.

Already, Ykee Benda is the only Ugandan artiste to feature on a remix to colours, the official Coca Cola  world cup anthem by Jason Derulo.

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