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Podium restructuring: Bryan White ‘fires’ all artistes

Bryan White

As we write this, Bryan White’s podium doesn’t have any musician or comedian as the money bags decided to make a few changes.

The information we came across has it that the boss decided to make a few changes in order to see things moving smoothly.

It is said that after realizing that his returns from the artists and comedians was not being met, he asked each artist on the podium to at least set a booking price of not less than shs5million so that the foundation can have a share. This is mainly because he has been paying them on a daily every time they set foot at his home in Munyonyo without any performance.

With this demand and more, a lot of pressure has mounted on most artistes who were affiliated to the Foundation including King Michael, Big Eye, Lady Mariam Tindatine and Weasel. These musicians had reached an extent of even foregoing their careers to be on the podium.

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