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Love-struck Daniella calls Chameleone her father

Daniella and Jose Chameleone.

Daniella and Jose Chameleone. COURTESY PHOTOS

Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella, is one that loves to surprise us. She is not the kind that yearns for the limelight and yet every now and then she lets us in on her world. A few months back she shocked us when she released nude pictures of her after a pregnancy photo-shoot.

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Now Mrs Mayanja has opened up to the world that she feels that her husband is now her father.

“How can I ever Thank you for being a father to me besides everything else that you are…May God continue to favour you. You have evolved from so many things into being a father to me” she posted on social media.

Daniella says that Chameleone has stepped into the big shoes that her real father left when he died.

“They were right, those who told me God would give me another father ,it was my biggest worry when my father went to meet the Lord, but so many people told me God would give me one, and they were right, he gave me one under the same roof with me…I am thankful,” she gushed.

Many are not pleased with Chameleone being so active on Bryan White’s podium but at least it looks like he is doing something right at home.

By the way Daniella, what happened to those divorce rumors from last year?

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