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I would still kiss Elvis Mbonye’s shoes – Joseph Kabuleta

Not many people have probably gotten over that incident last year when celebrated sports analyst Joseph Kabuleta kissed Elvis Mbonye’s shoes.

But the criticism and trolling had nothing on this guy because he is not sorry.

Matter of fact, if opportunity knocked and Mbonye’s shoes were served to him, he would kiss them again.

“I can still do it. I can still kiss Prophet Mbonye’s shoes because I do things the way I want and it is purely my choice.

I do not regret my actions and I do not want anyone to infringe on my actions and rights of worship,” said an irritated Kabuleta while appearing on NTV Pressbox show recently.

The former 442 presenter said the incident did not deserve all the backlash it got.

Kabuleta was heavily criticised, by mostly his colleagues in the sports fraternity who tagged his actions ‘embarrassing’.

Well, there you have it guys, from one remnant to you…stay in your lane next time!

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