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DJ Fikie leaves Laftaz Lounge

If there is one DJ who has not seen hustle, it is none other than Shafik Ramadhan known to many as DJ Fikie.

The young disc spinner started out at WBS TV and since then, he has hopped from gig to gig, job to job.

As you read this, DJ Fikie has ‘grown wings’ and he can afford to turn down offers. According to our sources, DJ Fikie has thrown in the towel at Laftaz Comedy Lounge where he has been working as the official DJ on Monday and Friday.

Our source said Fikie will be joining Fame Lounge, abandoning his mentor and partner, DJ Shiru. In a phone conversation, the young spinner said his decision to leave was not in bad faith.

DJ Fikie has been known to get into disagreements with DJ Shiru, and he was also recently a victim of theft at the bar he worked at.

Whether all this contributed to his leaving, we/he cannot say. All the same we wish him luck in his next hustle.

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