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Why fans think Daniel Kaluuya should ‘Get Out’ of his Met Gala suit

We all love him and up till recently, we thought he could no wrong. And we can’t be blamed. Daniel Kaluuya has given Ugandans hope that they can also make it in Hollywood.

The Ugandan British born actor has starred in major Hollywood films like Get Out before also scoring one of the major roles in the Marvel blockbuster film, Black Panther.

When he showed up at the premiere of Black Panther in a Kanzu, a traditional outfit for some tribes in Uganda, we could not be more proud. However, Kaluuya seems to have let go of his fashion adviser or stylist as his latest choice of outfit to this year’s Met Gala has raised a few eye brows.

For the first time he has suffered criticism for choosing an ill-fitting suit at Hollywood’s biggest fashion event, The Met Gala. Now that is an event that all celebs dress to impress.

Kaluuya, who seems to have gained some more weight since the filming of Black Panther, played it safe in a grey Prada suit but fans were not impressed and immediately bashed him on social media.

Here are some of the reactions.

Barack Baraka: Looks like a Ugandan politician in the 70’s.

Nia Sunshine: His mama dressed him

Leke Ojo: Wow, his stylist did him dirty.

Adesia Arlotte Lordt: He has no friends! #FixitStylist

Daniel-kaluuya at the 2018 Met Gala. COURTESY PHOTO

Tiera Stephens: He got hips like Marcus from girlfriends

Theda Bara Brewington: Looking like he wore his Sunday best lol

Sharon Kitchings: He paid too much for that ill-fitting suit… Boy u need a refund?

Patrick Jairos Sawaya: He look like me at my confirmation 14 yrs ago

Myra N. Davis: Lawd…his birthing hips took them pants up a few inches

Errol G-t Bryant: Looking like an uncle in that suit

Kim White: He has the fat people leg stance…

Kimmel Trenese Morrison: Lord I never realized he had child-bearing hips!

Helen Mosqueda: I actually saw a lot of high school boys with pants like this at prom.

Khadi Brown: That color is so wrong: it makes him look a fatty who’s waiting for candy!!

Taylor Jean: “fix yourself, girl! You got a camel toe”


Of course the references to his role in Black Panther and Wakanda could not miss out. Here are some:

James Jones, Esq: Since he betrayed T’Challa, his punishment is to dress like this

Charlie Duren: I know his underwear must be way up his Wakandian

Taurus-Babii: Shaii Wakanda pants is that

Vernicia Baker: This is what happens when you betray the Wakandians

Josey Mosey: Did the “knock-knees” come with the suit? Bcuz I’ve never noticed it before



Others commented that, despite his super stardom, Kaluuya has never looked comfortable at Hollywood events

Jacqueline Robinson: Are you all sure he at the right event…looking like he lost his date for the prom..boy get tf out dem people ass

Katie Rice: I just want to give him a hug. He looks so lost

Andrew Garfield and Daniel Kaluuya get playful at the Met Gala 2018

Dezrai George: He always looks sad and uncomfortable

Nat Mo: He looks really upset and confused at the same time

Tymahlya J. Smith: Why this nigga always look lost???

Johnny Craig: He look like he don’t know why he here



Chrissie Balfour: Leave him alone lol he still sexual chocolate!!

Joel Carson: Respectable black man. Salute

Evelyn Bowen: Sexy Chocolate Looking Good

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