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Sipapa evicted after failure to pay rent


Social media was last week awash with clips of Sipapa splashing money in Masaka, a thing that did not go well with his rival Bryan White.

What the people probably did not know is that the money Sipapa was splashing was supposed to be rent for his Mutungo-based bar called Sweet Nite Club, where the socialite owed rent for four months.

During the week, builders were seen destroying the door to Sipapa’s club.

According to sources, when Sipapa was asked to clear his rent dues, he responded with bragging lines about how rich he is, a thing the landlord did not wanna know.

Sipapa, real name Charles Olim, came into the limelight a few years ago after drawing attention with his various posh cars. Now before you judge the dude, how many of you are behind on your rent? Pay up!

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