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Bebe Cool paid arm and leg for African Gal

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Imagine what any ordinary Ugandan musician would do with Shs10m; buy a car, land, pay a whole years’ rent, pay for studio time for more than 20 tracks and probably just decide to blow it away in the club.

Of all these options, Bebe Cool chose different – he bought a song. It is not news that the singer invests heavily in his music but what we know him for is the videos.

Well, according to a reliable source, Bebe Cool bought his 2015 African Gal song from A Pass at a whooping Shs10m.

A Pass

We hear the Want It singer fell in love with the song on first listen but his first attempt to get it from A Pass yielded nothing as he (A Pass) did not want to sell it.

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Apparently he had already sold him Byebyo, which became a hit so selling him African Gal “would be too much”.

It was after Bebe’s constant pestering that A Pass asked for Shs15m, hoping that this would turn the singer away. But not Bebe. Together with Tikitah, the singer bargained to Shs10m. We are not sure if he made any returns but when we contacted A Pass, he said it was the most expensive song he has sold.

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