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Leila Kayondo drinking her frus away

Last Friday, social media was awash with comments of Leila Kayondo turning into a nuisance on a local TV show as she premiered her new song Musaayi.

On the show, Kayondo was given a chance to perform but she did not look stable, a thing that forced producers of the show to cut the segment short and introduce another artiste.

What we have gathered after the embarrassing incident is that it was not the first time Leila Kayondo was appearing drunk in public. It is said that since last year when SK Mbuga got married to Vivienne, Leila has not been the same and the only solution was finding solace in the bottle.

A few months after Mbuga’s wedding, our source who preferred anonymity, said Mbuga stopped giving Leila financial support that she was meant to keep receiving after their assault case.

Our source added that after her friendship with Hellen Lukoma ended, Leila made friends with Liane Nakawesi, a struggling singer and the two are sharing an apartment in Bunga just to make ends meet. We hope she will get help soon.

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