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Prophet Mbonye and Jesus are the same – gospel rapper Ruyonga


Gospel rapper Ruyonga

Gospel rapper Ruyonga has shocked his fans with his latest posts on social media. The Tutusse hit maker, who is an ardent follower of self-styled prophet Elvis Mbonye, said that Jesus Christ and Mbonye are the same person.

“I see no difference between my father Prophet Elvis Mbonye and Jesus, really. Happy Birthday Greatest Prophet of our generation, an awesome revelation of our Lord and King Jesus,” Ruyonga wrote on social media to the bewilderment of his followers.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye (in white). COURTESY PHOTO.

Ruyonga has always been quick to defend and praise Mbonye whenever chance arises. In fact when Sqoop broke the news of Mbonye’s false Oscars’ prophecy, Ruyonga posted a picture with the predictions he got right and captioned it, “Ehh but Prophet Elvis Mbonye is a HARD guy”. This post too was not well-received by his fans who think that he is following a false prophet.

The post that Ruyonga shared.

Arnold Garry Galiwango commented on the post, “I sit back and look at men lose their mind over fellow men,” while Loukman Ali said, “It’s usually women that fall for tricks like these.” (The women were not pleased with this comment though).

However Mbonye seems to be Ruyonga’s magic trick since whenever he posts about him (Mbonye) he receives over 20 shares, a major upgrade from his usual five to seven shares.

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