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Kadaga bounced off World Cup trophy


The FIFA World Cup trophy is on a world tour and it was in Uganda three days ago. At Kampala Serena Hotel where Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga was the chief guest at the VIP viewing of the trophy, excitement was on high and so was security. Andrew Kabuura, who was the host of the event assured guests that no one was allowed to touch the trophy except Kadaga.
However, immediately after Kabuura made the announcement, a heavily-built man dressed walked to him and whispered some things. On the other side, Kadaga was in high spirits, and anxious to touch/carry the 6.5kg golden trophy.
She was the envy of the audience at that moment until Kabuura spoke again. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry… the security person here has told me that it is only the President who is allowed to touch the trophy and he already did, so no one else should,” Kabuura said.
Poor excited Kadaga! If it was any consolation, you will be glad to learn that she was the first person in the room to get a photo opportunity with the trophy. The World Cup trophy has moved in 12 selected countries and this was the second time Uganda was part, the first being in 2010.

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