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Bryan White is a good man, Chagga says



Nonstop drama is rolling out of the Goodlyfe crew since their manager Chagga (Goffrey Kyagambidwa), in an interview with Sqoop, revealed that Weasel had abandoned all his work to follow socialite Bryan White around the country.

When asked how come the media had not gotten wind of Bryan White and Weasel’s issues, Chagga said, “Which journalists can I talk to when Bryan White is paying all of them off? I might speak to one and they instead write a bad story about me because I have no money to give them. But that man has become a huge problem to me. This entire year should have been Weasel’s because we already have that sympathy vote. We had so many songs we were working on but I do not see Weasel anymore.”

Read full interview here: Weasel needs to be rescued from Bryan White – Chagga

The interview enraged Weasel who immediately released a video in which he fired Chagga. However, Chagga, upon receiving news of his dismissal from Goodlyfe, has reiterated his position on the Bryan White/Weasel friendship saying that Bryan White is actually a friend.


On stage: Bryan White, Weasel and Big Eye (Right) at the launch of the Bryan White Foundation in Mbarara. FILE PHOTO

“We have no problem with Bryan White. We only got mad because we felt our artiste (weasel) is not being given the respect he deserves but we worked it out. But we love that man so much. He has done a lot for us and (Mowzey) Radio’s family. You have seen how he has helped since Radio’s hospitalization. But we got mad as our brand (Goodlyfe) and Weasel, the only artiste we are left with. It’s sad that he is still mourning the loss of his brother,” Chagga said in an interview with Spark TV.

He later revealed that the Good Lyfe crew and Bryan White have had to sit down and agree on the terms of their cooperation.

“We have no problem with Bryan White. He has in fact been at our offices today (March 14) so as to see how we can solve the issues that arose. We are trying to find a way of clearing the air because Bryan White is powerful. He is a rich man. So we are trying to see how those two big brands can work together with respect. We partnered with White through the Bryan White Foundation so we want to agree on that was discussed with respect,” Chagga said.

Watch the video here:

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