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A look back at the most trolled Ugandan celebrities and how they overcame


L-R: Spice Diana, Eddy Kenzo and Desire Luzinda have seen the wrath of Ugandan social media. COURTESY PHOTOS

Social media nightmare: Social media is a very great avenue for celebrities to market their art and keep up with their fans, but there are times when the platforms can turn out a nightmare. Many people have been victims of social media trolls and when the memes and challenges start dropping in, some will take advantage of the attention, while others will be traumatised.

If there is one celebrity that has owned February, it must be Spice Diana. Not that she had a hit song or brought home a BET award, on the contrary, she has been popular for the funniest reasons. As a result, the Internet, the keyboard warriors, the trolls have had a sweet time trolling her. Yet, she is not the first Ugandan celeb to be on this trolling pan, many have walked this journey, they came, saw and were conquered.
We take a look back at the best Ugandan celebrity trolling moments.

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda and the kitone challenge
In 2014, Franklin Emuobor, a Nigerian ex-boyfriend of Desire Luzinda almost broke the Internet when he released her nude photos. Many thought Desire was to go into oblivion. On the contrary, she simply surfed this wave and released the Ekitone song that would later become common speak in Ugandan conversations. What followed were Ugandans posting various photos of beautiful or extremely gifted ladies and hash-tagging them with #Kitone. In the process of being trolled, she claimed even much greater fame. She was the unchallenged Queen of Kitone. But hey, it was a moment the Internet will live to remember.

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Angela Kalule

Angela KaluleAngella Kalule and the Kokonyo Challenge
Once upon a time, Angella Kalule’s phone got stolen. Weeks later, the Internet was awash with a bedroom video recording she sent to her husband. In the video, she sampled the husband with some of the goodies that were missing him and then moaned out; “kokonyo”. For the first time, the Internet was divided. Some were for having a hearty laugh about the moment, while others were outraged that she was being trolled for a video that was meant for her husband.

A cartoon made about Angela Kalule

Watch Kalule’s romantic video here:

In the heat of the moment, celebrated comedian, Patrick Idringi aka Salvado decided to do a parody video in which he acted out the ‘kokonyo’ moment. All else then joined in this ‘kokonyo’ moment. It was video after video, photo after photo, meme after meme. If Kalule had romantically teased her husband, the Internet was also going to have a good time teasing her.

Below is Salvado’s parody video:

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Spice Diana in a 32 Points Wig
Spice Diana aka Hajjara Namukwaya will forever remember February 2018. A group of Makerere University students have even jokingly petitioned that there be a public holiday gazetted to honour the record-breaking feats of Spice Diana. Some have suggested that a rolex with two eggs and some pepper be named a ‘Spicy’.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana on her graduation day at Makerere University.

It all started when a Mwasuze Mutya show that featured Spice Diana was resurrected on the Internet. Although A-Level points are capped at 20 points, Spice Diana told the NTV host that she had come out as the best student with 32 points. In the world of WhatsApp status updates, Ugandans now had some humour to claw off as a way of healing from Mowzey Radio’s death.

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Uganda’s Professor of Economics, Dr Eddy Kenzo’s savings lecture was also resurrected from the grave. Many claimed Spice Diana could have gone through Dr Kenzo’s lectures. And then as we all forgot about the 32 points, the wig could not handle the brains. It went falling off Spice Diana’s head during a live TV show.

Watch the video here: 

At first Spice Diana tried to respond to the 32 points affair by sharing her certificates. Then she decided that the better way was to release a song with the help of Weasel. To heal from the wig moment, she appeared on another TV show where she confidently took off her wig and let the world adore her wig-less head. She looked stunning!

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Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi and “I am Still Here”
So the citizens wake up one day and there goes Princess Juliana Kanyomozi with a new video. It had been months of anticipation advertising. Everyone was wondering what I Am Still Here was all about until Juliana dropped the song and music video. Then it turned out that the concept was a copy and paste of Jennifer Lopez’s Aint Your Mama.

In her bold explanation, the princess told the world: “I hadn’t watched J-Lo’s video before filming mine…it wasn’t copy and paste. Nothing in art has never been done before… Yellow gloves are allover the supermarket.”
Was the internet satisfied? No, the trolling simply scaled up. However, it was all dropped in subtle ways considering that the music industry has a soft spot for this princess. Many cannot imagine trolling her without restraint.

Trevor Noah and #TrevorNoahVisitsUganda”

It all started with this South African comedian and The Daily Show host tweeting in response to a story that he was coming to Uganda. It took just the words; ‘I am not coming to Uganda’ for the Ugandans on the Internet to go into a wildfire. The hunter had become the hunted.

Trevor Noah

If there is one trend that rocked 2017, then the #TrevorNoahVisitsUganda united Ugandans under a common cause. Having contained a number of these memes, and trolling tweets, Trevor Noah was left with no option but to surrender. On his surrendering note, he tweeted; “OK Uganda, you win. I’ll try to visit sometime. But when I land, I want the original Rolex made by Sula in Wandegeya.”

Eddy Kenzo and the Savings Lecture

Eddy Kenzo

Although Kenzo’s heart was in the right place, his arithmetic mind had gone off to play. It happened too fast, for him to catch the slight mistake in his calculation. In order to honour his theory, we reproduce it as was said:
“The world needs something known as ‘expenditure’, in this, saving is very important. No matter one’s earning category, one can be comfortable. To know that you earn Shs4,000, you spend Shs5,000, then save Shs2,000.” It was clear that if Uganda was searching for a new Bank of Uganda governor, Prof. Kenzo was the best candidate, for how else does money get created out of a vacuum?
On the brighter side of things, the message was passed on, slay queens needed to save. Was that too hard to pick from this Kenzonomics? Or did it need another Kasuku to parrot the words?

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