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Abraham Luzzi finds solace in sports academy

Abraham Luzzi might not be a head turner on the social scene and neither is he your usual social media influencer but he’s definitely one lucky man who wants the best for Ugandan youths.

Luzzi is now a force to reckon with after he started a sports academy based in Hammersmith in North West London last month to ensure that Ugandan youth can escalate their talents in several fields.

The academy is looking at youths between the ages of 10 to 16 years and he will be taking over ten people every year to play soccer and other games.

He’s doing this under the Ssebo International Group where he’s the chairman. This comes after he was exonerated of all his charges that he has been facing in Dubai.

Luzzi was captured in January 2016 after he failed to deliver gold worth 1.5 tans from Congo to Switzeland.

He was imprisoned in the same prison that SK Mbuga is in right now in Dubai but after nine months, the court found him innocent and decided to release him as well as clearing him to carry out his business for five years without any interference thus transacting his businesses from Congo to elsewhere.

Besides that, he was refunded all his money and it is this money that he has used to start up the academy.

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