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If I had gone with Radio, all this wouldn’t have happened- Weasel


Radio (L) and Weasel (R)

Ever since the bar fight that left Mowzey Radio hospitalized, his singing partner Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel hadn’t said anything about the widely publicized incident.

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Even in the press conference, he had politely declined to give any comment but as usual we were able to force some words out of him in an exclusive interview.

Weasel says that he was not with Radio when the incident happened but he was with him before he went to Entebbe.

According to Weasel, they were having evening tea before Radio told him he was going to Entebbe to inspect his building.

“I told Mowzey not to go to Entebbe that day because I had a bad feeling about his journey,” Weasel said, adding that if he had stayed or moved with him, none of this would have happened.

Weasel however, confirmed that his singing partner is out of danger and responding to medication well.

This happened earlier today when socialite Bryan White visited Case Hospital and paid Shs25 million to cover Radio’s hospital bills.


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