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Ugandans’ hilarious reactions to Museveni’s Daughter’s film


A scene from the movie

The announcement of a soon-coming Museveni Liberation war movie directed by his daughter Natasha Karugire has not been received with open arms among the majority of Ugandans and the social media reactions were as hilarious as they come.

READ: Museveni’s daughter makes movie about NRM liberation

Below we present to you the most hilarious of them all:

Lillian Katumba: Jesus Christ!!! Now we have become cartoons for their entire family sikyo!! Where we liberated or captivated? Asking for Trump such that he doesn’t call the movie a sh!thole too.

Jane Frances: And whose money did she use to shot the movie and to cater for all the expenses? Me I got fade up of this crap mbu first family. They r jst greedy.

O’Steve Malik: I doubt if the movie will last 30minutes cause there’s no much good story to tell about NRM anyways…

Jim Richard Kagimu: Very soon they are going to organise the first Ugandan Oscars and they will have her as the best actor…….give us a break damns.

Chiwa Chad: I hope the movie puts Winnie Byanyima in her rightful place with her boyfriend liberator! While the movie director was playing with snow in Sweden

Ainebyona Joshua: I wish she should continue the movie up to current situations to include people of kasese murdered, election ringing, forced age limit amendments, ruins in economy, increased unemployment and corruption, etc.

Favoured Moze: I have a feeling the only way they can get this obviously very boring film to sell is by forcefully deducting every civil servant’s salary for a copy.

James Sande: Let her put the clip on how Ugandans are suffering under her father’s government not only the so called good things. And she should not forget to call the dad a pair of battocks.

Monie Kavuba: One day, Museveni, his wife, children, siblings, grandchildren, parents, relatives, in-laws & friends will DIE! It’s a matter of time.

Ken Otim: I thought she was going to make a movie on age limit session at Parliament that just pass last year, it was going to sell like hot cake but hmmm

Mbambu Brenda: Hmmm and please don’t force our kids to watch it in school

Katongole Christopher: Wow, movies, Wabula, like father like daughters, both think Uganda is their kraal,

Benson Gonza: God is still gathering anger, and He will strike non in that family shall ever again see light of day. From stealing all the money, now they even have the luxury of making movies

Balaba Henry Bosco: Finally Uganda is here..everything is Museveni’s wife, museveni’s son, Museveni’s daughter and Museveni’s Museven’sssssssss

Godfrey Del Piero: Soon an emergency meeting will be called to allocate billions of money for the project of this film ? and its selling will be compulsory like nssf for all workers and indirect tax for all Ugandans ??, may her soul rest In peace ?? very soon ?

James Michael Kaka: If reality of the events are included, then am confident this move will be a horror- a nightmare to watch.


Baron Wadaad: And the name of the movie is “shameless”.


Jolly Kiwaye: I beg your pardon, did you say liberation OR CAPTIVITY!!!!!!!!!


Vic Taazan: She should include how his father killed Kayira and his royal men after overthrow Dr M. Obote.



Beti Kintu Nannono: I wish it ends like The fall of NRM but the thunder that will strike this family is still doing pressure ups


Lugo Denis: Let ha include the 27people who wea killed in Kayinga riot, and when kasubi tombs wea burnt



Timothy De Inya: Which liberation? Stop misusing terms, are ugandans free? Now liberated from what?


Bonny Oyee Ogwok: I hope she will watch it only with the father and relatives not me




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