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Flavia rejects cake from Kabuura

For quite some time, TV personality Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura have been rumoured to be secretly dating. And indeed towards the end of last year, on Kabuura’s birthday in November to be specific, the two came out with hints, having a late night dinner together atop some building.

Then at the end of the year, the two shared separate photos on their Instagrams after hiking Mt Rwenzori.

Did we say we saw them at Nyege Nyege together too? The latest was this weekend when the two attended an inspirational talk at Mackinon Suites where Flavia was invited as one of the guest speakers and Kabuura was her plus one.

After the event, there was cake cutting and everyone was given a plate with various pieces of cake. The only person who did not have cake on the plate was Flavia.

And to play gentleman, Kabuura asked the lady to pick some of his cake. Her response:

“Andrew, I thought by now you should know that I do not eat anywhere and everywhere.” Ouuuuch!! The two were seen leaving the venue, speaking a little less.

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