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Fille abandons Kats

MC Kats and Fille Mutoni

The drama between Fille and Mc Kats is not about to stop as the latest we are getting is that she has stopped living with her man. We have reliably been informed that the couple no longer stay in the same household as Fille packed up her belongings and left. Fille has for days been seen driving from Munyonyo to town and back in the evening. Mc Kats’ house is in Kiwatule. We cannot certainly confirm whether she is renting or living with a relative/friend. However, a close source has it that she has been hanging out with dancer Eddy Wizy – perhaps to teach her some moves for her upcoming concert?
When asked about this, Kats said his private life is private, while Fille on the other hand did not to pick up our phone calls. This is not the first time Fille is packing bags out of her ‘marital’ home, she did the same last year after reportedly slapping Kats over cheating. Only question is, why is it always around concert time? Is the pressure too much?

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