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Celebrities on their best and worst driving habits

Winnie Nwagi

Most, if not all drivers on Ugandan roads, are not perfect. Even the one who does not indicate when they are turning will argue they are perfect. However, different circumstances or your lifestyle sometimes determine your driving habits on the road.

Recently, a study by Ipsos Uganda found out that 69 percent of respondents believe that it is important to use efficient fuels such as Shell Fuel Save that provide extra miles per litre because it helps them to save money and fuel. The study says in every 10 car owners between 26 and 30 years, half of them are likely to travel for leisure compared to the older car owners.

In this story, we talk to some of the local celebrities to share with us some of their worst and best driving habits they think they have on the road.

Kenneth Kimuli, aka Pablo- Comedian


“I always check the car if it is in a good condition before i hit the road. I mostly check for things such as the engine oil, tyre pressure, water in the battery and the next date of service. The seatbelt is a must wear before starting the car because it can hold you back if you accidentally crush or ram into something. With bad driving habits, I can be a very slow driver when the people I’m driving seem to be in a hurry more than anyone else on the road. I’m also mindful of where I refuel and only refill at shell fuel stations because they have fuels that enable you to drive longer distances on less fuel and money.”

Winnie Nwagi- Artiste

A selfie of Winnie Nwagi while in a car. Courtesy Photo

“Every time I am held in traffic jam, I find myself checking my social media pages like snapchat and WhatsApp. I do it in traffic jam because it is safer than when cars are moving. I have tried to find ways of dropping the habit but it is not easy.”

Zuena Kirema- Business woman

Zuena Kirema

“I do not overtake unnecessarily. I follow the road lanes as they are designed. I do not drive fast. If I am going somewhere with my family and they are in a rush, I let my husband drive. I am patient on the road especially during heavy traffic jam when everyone driving thinks they are the ones doing the right thing. Even if the jam takes long, I will drive in it without abusing any road rules. I also rarely hoot at other road users. I only do it to alert someone when I realise they are in the wrong.”

Douglas Lwanga- TV presenter

Douglas Lwanga

Douglas Lwanga

“I sometimes find myself using social media even when I am driving. To drop the habit, I always put my phone in the back seat or in the laptop bag where it is far to access. I give way to motorists whether they deserve it or not because I cannot drive to match their speed. When I am driving on a highway, I do not over speed. I drive at a speed I can handle without influence or pressure from anyone.”

Felix Jesero aka Dolibondo- Comedian

“I am impatient on the road and I hate being held in traffic jam. I either drive on the road shoulders, overtake or find something that will take me out of the traffic jam. When I am driving, I keep in my lane depending on the speed at which I am driving. If I am slow and there are two lanes, I keep on the left lane to allow those driving faster overtake. I reduce my driving speed when I am approaching a trading centre because I know it always has people. If I read a road sign that limits a driver from driving beyond a given speed, I respect that and I do as it says.”

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