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How to be the weird Ibrahim Abiriga

NOT SO HONOURABLE: Who in their right thinking state will admit on live TV that they were indeed the person trending on social media, nabbed easing self? Only MP Ibrahim Abiriga. This man is all kinds of weird, from his dresscode to the things he says and does.
Man of the moment, Arua Municipality MP, Ibrahim Abririga is not a man to hold in anything from questionable political opinions, a distasteful fashion sense and you guessed right, a call of nature. He is determined to let it out, whether in Parliament or on the roadside. Abiriga is one of the controversial MPs pushing for the controversial age limit removal in Parliament and frankly the only Bill that should be discussed is stopping honourable MPs from wearing their pyjamas to work. The guy continues to defy all fashion laws in the book, choosing to worship NRM’s yellow colours through his dressing. You wonder how his wife lets him out of the house looking like a Yellow Fever Card. Unsurprisingly, his dress sense could have irritated his colleagues at Parliament alike, who wouldn’t? I assume you all saw how Commando, Betty Nambooze reached out for Abiriga’s cap during his live TV interview. Infact, Hon Atiku almost beat him to pulp. It remains unclear if the man in yellow  will ever get people to finally hear him out. Well, if you wanna be like Abiriga, copy my notes.
Answer call of nature everytime, anywhereI am not sure there is anything honourable about peeing on the roadside. An honourable MP should know better but of course not when you are Lord Abiriga. Who cares about waiting to get home before you can help yourself? Who cares about honour? To him, a call of nature cannot wait. It just does not matter if it is in broad daylight or that kindergarten children are strolling by, the call must be taken. There is no age limit here. Feel free to stop anywhere under the scorching sun and help yourself. Pull out your gadgets, endure stares from pupils but still carry on your work. Irrigate public offices, private homes and anywhere else you can spray your dishonour. Everyone will talk, call you names but ignore all of them. Some people simply will not understand. It is their problem not yours. A fashion messSo when you like the curtains in your house, do you wear them to work? Some people are just funny. Abiriga continues to appear in public clad in all-yellow, apparently to show love to the NRM. Mbu, the love for his party is too much that he has yellow shirts, suits, bed-sheets and table cloths. I can feel the pain of his wife already. No woman deserves to see her husband embarrass himself, walking around in public while clad in pyjamas. These should be grounds for divorce abeg! The yellow Father Christmas stands out everytime in Parliament obviously and is bound to irritate any opposition MP. If you want to be like the famed Abiriga, Abryanz certainly is not the store for you. You might need to consult  some one-eyed tailor back in Arua for a custom-made Abiriga-special. Fabrics are to be bought from DRC. And oh, you have to cruise a yellow beetle.
Delusional old manAbiriga wants the age limit of 75 years removed so that his beloved Sevo can rule for eternity. The MP has been vocal about the amendment of the 1995 Constitution and will not stop until this happens. The people of Arua Municipality should come and pick their uncle before he goes berserk. This Abiriga guy literally dreams about Sevo and it is only right that he does not see anyone else fit enough to rule after him but Abiriga c’mon. Do you ever watch yourself on TV? He might need to wake up. To be like Abiriga, make sure you are always unphased by what goes on, like a phone in factory settings. We always have that one friend who will not stop kissing the ground their girlfriend walks on regardless of what they are told  or how they are treated by them… Such guys are the ones who hold their girlfriends’ handbags everywhere they go, dedicate long love posts on social media to them while their significant others cannot care to give two hoots about them. You will find her entertaining some out-of-shape blesser God-knows where. The fact is that even if they are told about their beloved girlfriends, they are willing to hang in there. Delusional! Go be like Abiriga.
Twitter: @InK_era35

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