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Justin Bieber banned from performing in China

China has banned Justin Bieber from performing on the mainland because of his “bad behavior” on and off the stage.

After Bieber released his tour plans for Asia that did not include China, the fans as expected started with the questions on why their favorite superstar had not included them in his plans.

Then there were rumors that the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture had put a ban on Justin Bieber performing in the country which prompted the fans to ask why. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture then posted a statement on their website saying the ban was necessary to “purify” the country’s entertainment industry but suggested it was not permanent, meaning if Bieber improves his behavior then maybe he could earn the right to perform in the country again.

Bieber has been to China previously while touring the country in 2013, he was captured on camera being carried up to the Great Wall of China by Chinese bodyguards. The incident was seen by many Chinese as offensive.

The year that followed, Bieber was back in China and he received backlash for posting a photograph that showed him standing in front of the controversial Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo. China sees the shrine as a symbol of Japanese militarism as it honours Japanese leaders executed for war crimes, and often slams visitors to the shrine.

Justin Bieber is set to jet in Asia later this year as part of his Purpose World Tour, with shows scheduled in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We only wish Bieber could switch those dates to an African tour so we could get the chance to watch the Canadian on stage. I for one would forbid my Bae from attending. I am not sure she would return.

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