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How to be… the unforgettable Ghetto Kids

TASTING SUCCESS: Stepping foot in America is one story, but performing on a BET stage is another thing altogether. How does any normal person explain having Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Solange, DJ Khaled, Amber Rose as part of your audience? One thing — the Triplets Ghetto Kids have arrived!

Dreams do come true people. Who knew a bunch of children dancing in ripped dirty clothes could get the attention of the world or better still, get to perform at the BET Awards? Some of us stay rocking Abryanz Collectionz and have never gone past Kitooro in Entebbe. That is life for you! The story of the Ghetto Kids has been nothing short of amazing. It is actually a rugs-to-rugs story because well, they just do not seem to ditch the rugs, do they? Someone please let them know that they do not need the rugs anymore. They have made it.
But for real though, their star has shone ever since their crafty dance moves went viral in Eddy Kenzo’s video of the global hit, Sitya Loss. The Ghetto Kids have gone from Internet sensations to bonafide stars, even featuring in American rapper French Montana’s video for the summer hit, Unforgettable. And nope, they did not just go around stressing to look for him. French jumped on a plane with his whole crew to come and shoot a video with the Kids in Kampala. How is that for some swag. Huh? And just the other weekend, the Ghetto Kids made history again by performing alongside French at the BET Awards. To think that some elder musician in Uganda still brags about gracing the MAMAs. Lol, the bar has been set really high.
To be like the young dance maestros, Ghetto Kids, here is your favourite idler’s guide:

Always Be Happy
You may not have it all but you can still be happy. Hahaha. Tell that to a guy that has not seen a salary in the last three months. People have been forced to dance to the tunes of landlord knocks and loan shark missed calls. The economy is dire and people look gloomy. We think it is only the tycoons who can afford a smile while ghetto people play hide and seek with village rats.
From what the Ghetto Kids have shown us in their dance videos, you can be happy even when you have nothing. Stick your belly out of your torn shirt and “go down low” Don’t let the zibs of this world put you down. These children always look happy even when they are covered in dust and dressed in rugs. If they can be happy, why not you? If you cannot find a kikumi in your wallet, do not fail to find a little happiness in your soul. If it jams, force it. Jump, dance and strip if you want to. Glory days are coming.
The kids that people once saw as dirty were blowing Americans away with some clean moves at the BETs.

Believe In Your Dreams
To believe in your dreams when the whole world sees you as an idiot is plain difficult. It is hard to dream these days. You cannot even take a nap for a second without people judging you. People stay awake worrying about who is watching. Bambi you cannot even tell your boys that you are starting a vegetable stall in your backyard lest you risk being the laughing stock in your crew. To think that they are the same people that always encourage you to “start small” Bro, you are the only one that got your own back. You gotta stick to your thing. The Ghetto Kids have stuck to the one thing they know best, and that is dancing. They have called their moves outdated and local but somehow they have kept going. Maybe some of these things just require us to stick in there a little longer. You probably want to be a singer. Lift yourself up and chase after that dream. Do it for yourself and for us. Our music industry needs to be saved from people like Gravity Omutujju, Small Pin Charger and others.

Stay Humble
This is very cliché I must say but still necessary. The Ghetto Kids have been racking thousands of views on YouTube since their Sitya Loss breakthrough and if you are very keen on the social media world, likes and views mean the world to people.
I know some chaps who will demand that a street in Kampala be named after them if they got thousands of views on Youtube. These kids remain unbothered, pulling strokes in dirty old clothes and basically enjoying life. They are not begging to be noticed and big shots like French Montana are already hunting for them. People, learn to remain as grounded as possible. Success and money are not your friends. These things can appear and vanish in seconds. Take a seat man.
Well there you have it. Go be like the Triplets Ghetto Kids.

Twitter: @InK_era35

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