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How to be…the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo

THE CR7: He is soccer’s golden boy and such a gem for his team, Real Madrid. He is always bringing glory to the team but Cristiano Ronaldo puts in the hard work; always the first at training and the last leave. So if you are looking to be like the super striker…
If there is anyone who knows how to perfectly answer his critics, it is Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. He has made it a habit to embarrass whoever has doubted him or called him finished in unbelievable fashion. This guy just won’t stop scoring goals. Okay not with Mukiibi’s accuracy, but yeah, Ronaldo does hit a good number too. Apparently he has scored 600 goals over his entire career so far. Madness just. He became the first player in history to score in three Champions League finals, winning it four times and also collecting a bunch of other accolades.
To Manchester United fans, he is ‘the one that got away’. They claim him all the time like some jilted ex hahaha. To your boda guy, no one is better than “Lonado” and to your boyfriend, he is the reason for many torn sports betting receipts. He has become that guy. A global icon with a massive following and influence. Ronaldo is also widely known for his drive and determination. As many of us yawn on Mondays, this guy yearns for them and every other day in the week. He has an obsession with his job, winning, trophies and the biggest trophy of them all, HIMSELF.
Nobody loves Ronaldo more than Ronaldo. Imagine a guy who has a mirror in every gaddam wall of his house and has to apply hair gel every halftime interval. How vain! He knows he is the best, likes to prove he is the best and gets hated on for being the best. He cannot be too bothered though, he is on a mission. For some of us, all we can do is just sit and admire the man, the legend. To be like the famed CR7, here are some idle tips:

Desire To Be The Best
Cristiano Ronaldo had always wanted to be the best player in the world and he worked at it. This guy is the first to arrive at training and the last to leave. He has done this consistently for many years and the results are there for everyone to see. You can count on some random Ugandan chap to ask which “Desire” we are referring to exactly. That is where we thrive.
Many people live under the skirts of female Ugandan celebrities so much that they forget to focus on the more important things. If you are the first to go to the bar and the last to leave, maybe you should be given a job there. That is passion right there. Football is Ronaldo’s passion, his job and his life. Don’t waste away yours. It is time to stop praying for the weekend to come sooner so that you begin another episode of ruining your life. Ronaldo has no days off. It has been work, work, work for the most part of his career.
To be the best, you have got to work your way to the top. Spending time at Kayanja’s 77 Days Of Grace crusades won’t help much if you do nothing about your situation. Maybe it is time to gather your thoughts, stop complaining about petty things like the A.C at office, a bad boss or teacher and put your heart into your job. Slay at your job not on Instagram.

Love yourself
This guy adores himself so much that he is often accused of being self-conceited and egoistic. He is accused of always seeking personal glory before considering his team. Bloody hell, who doesn’t? We are all seeking some kind of personal glory somehow. People are doing all sorts of weird things to be ‘seen’. We all love the spotlight. This guy has the world on its feet watching him bury balls in the net, so why not embrace all the attention that comes with it.
Just like a TV presenter makes up before hitting the screens, Ronaldo can’t be left out. A football pitch is his stage. Allow a man to shape his eyebrows, gel his hair and wax his legs. Suppose some OB spots him looking wild and unkempt, no please! Boy gotta take care of himself, so what’s your excuse? Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Boys go out dishing out dime to their girls for fancy clothes yet they walk around looking homeless. Bro patch up. It is not even entirely about looks or appearance with Ronaldo. This guy just feels like he has got it all and he exuberates it. Don’t let a fat belly ruin a meeting with your mirror. Be bold and face it. Love starts with you.
Well there you have it. Go be like the legendary CR 7.
Twitter: @InK_era35

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