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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: No woman will expose her body for publicity #Kokoonyo

The hashtag “Kokoonyo” is trending.
This is after a romantic video of local musician Angela Kalule to her lover leaked to the public. Apparently this was after thieves stole her mobile phone and a couple of peeps from some local media houses tried to blackmail her without much luck. So there we had it.
Bambi in panic mode as a common case she dashed to social media with a written statement to explain her case and in there used the opportunity to promote some of her upcoming songs. Now she is being castigated by some members of the public that she deliberately leaked her own video to promote her upcoming music.
Eeeeeish! But do people ever run out of angles to accuse some of these local celebrities? In my view, it would be the cheapest thing for a woman, a mother at that, to promote her music by showing private parts of her body.
Although some of such craziness may happen or be done by a couple of musicians in the desperate line, I think before we judge and arrive to some of these conclusions let us not forget that these celebrities are human too hence the need to apply logic when throwing the judging daggers.
That said, also these peeps need to know that issuing statements each time they have a crisis is not the best solution always. At this point they ought to know how Ugandans operate. They will get excited at something, exhaustively make fun out of it and forget it in a few seconds the moment the next big topic draws by.
In a nutshell, sometimes silence is the best solution. For starters, it saves one the pain of giving the accusing eyes more things to talk about and create unnecessary headache and secondly, it lets the heat cool off and life goes on.
Now whether these local celebs believe in that approach or not is a story for another day, right? And the funny thing is while these celebrities do it, they try to tag it to that cliche angle of introducing a new song or video. Oba who tells them that that will reduce on the noise made about a certain issue?
Ugandans are Ugandans. They heat up and get excited then move on easily. And the day they all learn to deal with and use that aspect to their advantage will be the day they will have peace of mind!


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