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Radio joining Nigerian label with Weasel

A few months ago, news broke that Singer Mozey Radio would soon sign a deal with Nigerian record Label G-Worldwide Music. This created some buzz in the music industry, with many saying it was the end of Radio and Weasel since the condition was that he would have to abandon his singing partner of 10 years.
Others said that since Radio was more talented than Weasel, he would survive in the music industry while Weasel will be grassing in the middle of nowhere. But the latest we have gathered is that before putting pen to paper, Radio has looked into things and perhaps he doesn’t see himself working without Weasel for the rest of his life. The Goodlyfe singer as we have learnt, has given G-World Music one condition if he is to sign a deal with the label.
According to sources, the deal was that if Radio is to sign, he has to sign along with Weasel so that the duo of Radio and Weasel keeps alive. But looks like Weasel was already practicing his solo career because earlier this week, he released a solo song titled So Dangerous. G-Worldwide Music Entertainment was founded in 2013 and it has artistes Kiss Daniel, Sugar Boy, among others signed under it.

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