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Mama Fina finds new love

A few months back, Sylvia Namutebi popularly known as Mama Fina was mourning the death of her husband Major Suleiman Kiggundu who was gunned down by unknown assailants.

The widow (by then) was very depressed as she told people that had turned up, to give her company in the trying moment that she had lost the best treasure she had ever owned in her life.

I guess people who were following up how that tragedy unfolded would not be wrong if they speculated that Mama Fina would spend centuries without finding Hajji Kigundu’s replacement  since by the look of things then, the deceased owned a special place in the traditional healer’s heart that no man could easily fill.

However, Uganda has a number of potential men and we can reliably confirm that one of those men has already appeared in Mama Fina’s life.

The latest is that Mama Fina has hooked up another Hajji only identified as Hajji Kiyimba and the two are already making plans to get married.

The news has taken a number of people by surprise as many thought Mama Fina was still mourning her beloved late husband.

Though people were making different comments about her move, some Muslim clerics said that in Islam, it is fine for a young woman to find herself another partner after her husband’s death.

According to Zakayira Kiwalyango the Islamic Secretary in Mityana, women are free to find new partners after the loss of their loved ones, however he says that the process is supposed to be after a certain period of time.

“According to our religion, any woman is free to find themselves a new husband after the death of her husband but this should take a period of four months and ten days,” he said.

Mama Fina’s husband was shot late last year by gunmen around Masanafu a city suburb along with his bodyguard Sgt Stephen Mukasa.

However we congratulate Mama Fina upon finding herself another man.


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