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In pictures: 17th edition of Blankets and Wine

Blankets and Wine, a quarterly, picnic style music festival is one of the most sought after events and on every occasion, revelers attend in huge number. We captured some moments for you below.

Checking out a lady who looks like your ex. Photos by Eddie Chicco


When bottles of whisky are you only company

Wondering how someone can afford to have such hair when you have been bald all your life.

Wondering when she will stop yapping about her girlfriends who coudn’t attend the show

Showing your best friend dance moves you know she cannot pull.

Dancing ‘Mbozi za malwa strokes on a ‘Daddy yo track’

Drecting the boyfriend where the loos are


When there are no secrets between you two that you even decide to share incoming watsapp messages

When the jazz your twin sister is having with her friends are boring

When your girlfriend brings her best friend and not only that but she also tells her the kind of clothes to put on.

Girls be like! Really! you want all the bottles to yourself.

Guarding the territory

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