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Chagga not fired but just demoted

Before today, Chagga, real names Geoffrey Kyagambidwa has been the overall manager of Goodlyf and he has been in that position for over five years but today, the former musician has been demoted to a lesser role in the camp.
According to our source, Chagga is going to be the ground manager responsible for overseeing whatever is happening on ground like song circulation, interview bookings and other minor things.
This was decided by the two musicians Radio and Weasel who believe he still has something to offer because of his wide range of contacts and experience in the music industry.
“What Chagga does, no one else can do so getting rid of him is close to impossible. He knows people and is very experienced in this field so the musicians need him and that is why they decided to give him a specific role,” said our source who preferred to be anonymous.
We later learnt that Mr Emotions and Lawrence Gulle are for the meantime the Goodlyf managers until they find someone fit for that role.
The reason why Chagga has been demoted is still a mystery but we shall surely get to the bottom of this ounce and for all.
Chagga, who is one of the pioneer members of Leone Island started working as the group’s manager after they fell out with Jeff Kiwa and he has been in that position for more than five years.

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