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How to beHellen Lukoma the girl allergic to enough cloth

FLAUNTING IT ALL: By now, the entire country must know how much Hellen Lukoma loves showing of her….oops we almost said curves….Lol! The girls likes to show off a little too much skin. Dare her to attend a concert in a thong and boy will you lose your money! She has no trouble baring all. Does it bring her joy?
For some of us, our bodies are better off hidden. Perhaps hidden somewhere very far and away from human life. Far from the prying eyes of so many nosy and judgmental people. We are fully clothed at the beach and in our beds. Yes, we of skinny and furry legs. We excuse ourselves from ‘useless’ hobbies such as swimming that could potentially ruin our lives and reputation. Some of us are not ready to be used for “anti-cellulite cream” adverts. As some people get more uncomfortable in their skins, others revel in theirs. They wear every stripe of cellulite with pride and flaunt every acre of skin under the sun.

Helen Lukoma

Helen Lukoma

Girls like Hellen Lukoma, the singer/actress will pique you into a hidden world of unshaven underarms and other scattered hair fantasies. More like fantasies you never want in your life. In a world where less is more, less is nothing to Hellen Lukoma. She has made it a habit to show us her skinny frame in raunchy skimpy outfits. A celebrated nudist, Hellen Lukoma continues to parade her not-so flattering features to whoever cares to see. The tabloids have fed on this, the public not so much. More like tasteless steak over the years. She has tried music, fashion and acting. The latter being her most successful. To be like Hellen Lukoma, here is your fool’s guide:

Try, try and…..try
She just keeps coming back, doesn’t she? Like that recurrent and irritating rash on your skin. Just when you think she has slid into oblivion, she reinvents herself. An adventure with the Obsessions dancers, another as an artiste with HB Toxic, have often left her on the perils of extinction but nara. Babe always bounces back, with another not-so successful venture. It’s an admirable trait though. To keep coming back to pose for a photoshoot even when egg yorks have been thrown shamefully at your face. Try your luck always. The friends who told you that you can’t sing are simply jealous. You don’t need Celine Dion’s voice to rock the mic. Work with what you have. Critics are simply a bunch of haters so gather your guts and make music. Never mind that a baby could die in the process. Don’t let the pain of a failed business ruin you. Keep returning to the drawboard and try again. There is hope people. At least, Hellen Lukoma believes so.

Hellen Lukoma has always caused a stir at almost every show she attends, with her barely there outfits.. PHOTO BY Eddie Chicco

Go nude
A career as a nudist is highly rewarding with many “mscheeews” and of course a few “uhmmms” from some perverted males. Hellen Lukoma lives for this. Unless you are orphaned or abandoned by your parents, this is not a career for you. Going nude means going nude, I tell you. Put it all out there. Subtle boobie traps are amateurish. Hellen Lukoma doesn’t do this. Wait, does she even have anything to show? Anyway, there is absolutely nothing to hide. Yes; even those little areas that you refuse to shave should be flaunted. Bushy sweaty underarms are part of the Hellen Lukoma starter pack. Don’t be left out. Be as original and as revealing as ever. In case you feel that walking around like a modern day Eve is a little too much, cover up with something less revealing like a thread preferably. You should have some rare beef with clothes that makes you feel comfortable enough to announce your cellulite to the world. Terms and conditions don’t apply to men who carry huge beer influenced bellies so Mr Omara, nudity isn’t for you. Sit down

House of Lukoma (The messy life)
The House of Lukoma is messy. There is too much drama, her boyfies speed out like jets on heels. Is she too hot to handle? We can’t be too sure. She always looks sweaty though, we can give her that. Lol Hellen Lukoma’s life is a bowl of drama. We have read about endless boyfriend break-ups and make-ups, cat fights among so many other things. She is the kind of girl your mama warned you about. If her life brings you some sort of purpose, go turn your life into a circus. It can’t be that hard really. Uganda is one big circus so play along.
Well there you have it. Go be like Hellen Lukoma.

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