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David Lutalo admits to bleaching

Have you noticed that David Lutalo’s skin complexion has changed in the past few years? Did you notice that he was dark in 2008 during his debut with ‘Kapapala’? Well, the artiste after such a long time, has finally come out and stated that he is indeed trying to lighten his skin complexion. The Kwasa singer confessed that he started bleaching in 2008 when he was kickstarting his musical career but he was only forced to by another musician known as Ambassador Ssali.
“When I had just arrived from Luweero, one of the people that I met was Ambassador Ssali. He advised me to start bleaching. I also did but decided to stop because I was not going to gain anything from it,” he said before adding that he shouldn’t be criticised because Michael Jackson did far worse than them.
Although Lutalo claims he stopped using the bleaching creams, we have seen him quite lighter on several occasions. What’s with all the bleaching in the industry?

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